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Episode 112 - Turn Up The Radio Bursts

by Brad Ludwig

This week we discuss; powerful radio bursts are either a natural phenomenon or an alien intelligence attempting contact , SyFy's 'Absolute Zero' may keep you on the edge of your seat , the trailer for 'Extraterrestrial' may be a pain in your rear .

Our Craft Corner Craft of the Week is the Square shaped ship .

Our Picks of the Week are Thrilling Adventure Hour Episode #175 Sparks Nevada Im From Earth Day Special Space Oil , 'Second Suicide' by Hugh Howey and Alien Hive game .

By H. Schweiker/WIYN and NOAO/AURA/NSF. (Quazgaa at en.wikipedia. Later version(s) were uploaded by Jakuzem at en.wikipedia.) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons


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