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    McCarthy discusses domestic violence policy with players

    (WNFL)- Green Bay Packers' coach Mike McCarthy said he has addressed the NFL's domestic violence issue with his players. The coach says any societal ...
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    Brewers clinging to playoff hope

    (WNFL)- The Milwaukee Brewers will have another make-or-break game for their playoff hopes tonight. The Crew will close out their three-game series at Saint Louis ...
  • A Wisconsin football player holds up a helmet during a football game. Taken by coach_connor2001 at Flickr. By CrdHwk at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [CC-BY-2.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

    Badgers secondary to be tested

    (WNFL)- The Wisconsin secondary expects to be busy on Saturday, when the 19th-ranked Badgers host Bowling Green. Falcons' quarterback James Knapke threw 104 passes in ...
  • Phoenix women toughen up

    The Green Bay Phoenix Womens Basketball non-conference schedule was released on Wednesday and Head Coach Kevin Borseth called it the most challenging he's had ...
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    Wainwright shuts out Brewers

    The Milwaukee Brewers got a good pitching performance from Mike Fiers in his first start since hitting Giancarlo Stanton of Miami in the face last ...

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