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Would this happen in America?

by Jason Miller

Well, can you imagine that a USA Paralympic athlete would get this kind of press if he killed his girlfriend?  I can't.  We can't even get the almighty ESPN on one of their six channels to put a wheelchair basketball game on when it's the USA team playing for the love of.  We can't get NBC Sports to air the Paralympic games even though over 100 countries aired it.  But not us.  Come, come now, we are the USA, we have keep those who might actual make a difference in this country suffer from being left out at every turn.  

This has to STOP.  Do I want a USA athlete to try this to see, NO!  And for those who actually thought that, get a brain.  Now what I would like to see is for this trial of Oscar Pistorius to show the USA something.  A disabled athlete can give you the hype, talent, and the "IT" factor you are looking for.  Just once I would like to turn on my TV and see a basketball game between the Milwaukee Bucks wheelchair basketball team and the Dallas Mavericks wheelchair basketball team, rather than DARTS, BOWLING, and CRICKET, which who plays this in the USA?  Does ESPN know that over in Europe wheelchair basketball is BOOMING!!  They have professional leagues just our DUMB AS% soccer.  But we put those clowns running around and scoring a goal every 10 minutes.

Am I jaded, sure I am.  I had played wheelchair basketball for 17 years of my life and never once at a Junior tournament did I see ESPN, never once at an Intercollegiate tournament did I see ESPN, never once at a NWBA tournament did I see ESPN?  Will I...............................................I sure hope so.  

Take a look at the latest from the Pistorius trial and if you have any thoughts on this.  Pass them along.