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One - Nill

by Jason Miller

If you are keeping score of NBA players taking on Wheelchair basketball players, the score would be one to nothing.  Before I say any more, let me make it clear that there is NOT enough written about wheelchair athletics.  As a country we should be ashamed of the down right discrimination media in general has shown to athletes who compete in wheelchairs or any disability.  There I am off my soapbox and I will move on.  

This is a great story I found at Yahoo Sports.  Three players for the San Antonio Spurs stepped into an arena they knew nothing about.  Kudos to them for doing this.  They were; big men, Matt Bonner (at 6-10), Aron Baynes (ditto) and Tiago Splitter (6-11).  They sat in basketball wheelchairs and took on  a group of army veterans, playing at a rehabilitation center at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. The score will be told in the story, but one thing that shouldn't be lost in this article is the writers line of what he thought of the game of wheelchair basketball.  I love the article but....lets not let it be lost that there is more than a group of guys playing at a rehabilitation center at Fort Sam Houston. 

There is the NWBA and the USA Teams for both the Men and Women.  There are college opportunities for people who play and then after college there is the opportunity to go over to Europe and get paid to play, not a lot but the idea is there are options.  Then the NWBA adult programs in the USA.  There are teams all over the USA and nothing is mentioned about that.  Now it's great that these Veterans, and thank you for your service by the way, beat them and beat them badly as you will read in the article.  I am not wanting all of the cake, but I don't just want the frosting.  Here is the link to the article, enjoy what I hope is more on the great world of disabled sports. 

This Video is not of the actual game but you will get the idea of what the players from the Spurs went through on that day: