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Feeling lazy...check this out!

by Jason Miller

So you are sitting on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden you see a track meet and you think to yourself, why would they run for the fun of it?  I do the same but then I read this story and I thought, WOW I guess I should maybe get up off the couch and do a little exercise.  But what I'm talking about isn't a little exercise, it's a lot and I can't imagine what this journey must be like.  The absolute mental toughness alone would make most people crack, but what this athlete in a wheelchair did, nothing short of AMAZING.... Ryan Chalmers who will be completing a 71-day, 3,320-mile cross-country journey.  Which will have covered 16 states is set to roll into New York City's Central Park, pushing his racing wheelchair... 

Check it out and hope you like it. 

Way to go Ryan from Wheels in Motion!!