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Don't ever say you can't...

by Jason Miller

If you have ever thought, you know what I just don't think I can do this, I just don't think I'm going to be able to make that work out, that is just too much for me to handle or you just say I can't.  

I want you to think about, Koni Dole.  

Who is Koni Dole?  Great question and here is your answer.  Dole is a senior at Worden (Mt.Huntley Project School.  Last year, 2012, Dole had a leg amputated and has made a great return.  Dole is currently, just a year later, back on the field starting as both a fullback and defensive end.  In the last game, Huntley Project School played, Dole scored two TD's to help his team en route to a 45-0 win.  You can see his great story in the video below.  Koni Dole, you make being disabled cool and are an inspiration to so many that you have never and will never meet.  Keep it up kid.