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How much do you know about Owls?

by Tom Mitchell

A lot of my outdoor experiences are based in and around our family cabin in Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River.  The river provides endless opportunities to recreate and enjoy all that mother nature offers from fishing to hunting to tubing, hiking and many other activities.  Recently a new neighbor moved into the old green cabin near ours.  Late one evening earlier this summer I heard this odd screeching sound playing over and over.  The next day when I met our new neighbor, he asked if the noises bothered us last night and I said "no", but wondered what it was.  He explained that he's trapping and banding owls in our area and the sound I heard was an electronic owl call.  He's got a special net set up to catch the owls as they come flying towards the sound.  He told me what type of owl he's going after, but I couldn't remember what he said so I went searching to find out more about Owls.  Enjoy what I found - I think you'll be amused.