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Check out NBC....no not the T.V.

by Craig Holgate

The National Bike Challenge just got started last week across the country and it's not too late to get signed up . 

WHO: You!

WHAT: A nationwide biking challenge to with the goal of having 50,000 riders pedaling 20 million miles by the end of September. 

WHY: To promote Health and Fitness and bike riding also as a viable transportation. 

WHERE: Everywhere, every state in the country has bikers in the NBC. 

And it's FREE, so even though it started on May 1st, get signed up and now and start biking. If you have been biking you can also enter in your mileage and get credit for that as well. Make it even more fun and start or join a team. This is the second year of the challenge for our team, and it has been a fun motivating way to enjoy biking. Everyone on our team biked more last year then usual and several of us upgraded to new bikes! So get signed up here  and hit the trail!