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Smothered with a Pillow

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
I dreamt my partner and I were in bed. I rolled over and looked at her and her eyes were glowing a weird color. When I tried to get away from her she rolled on top of me and tried to smother me with a pillow over my face.    – Kristi 51, Portland Oregon.

Lauri: Yikes! Well, let's get the obvious out of the way. Are you having any issues with your partner lately? Is she smothering you in some other way, keeping a short leash on you perhaps? The smothering could also mean you feel she has been trying to stifle you OR perhaps even trying to force you to make some sort of change or put an end to something against your wishes. Her glowing eyes are a clue. Her eyes most likely symbolize her point of view, perspective or opinion on something. Has any of that changed recently? Is she seeing you or anything else in her life differently? Or are YOU seeing her differently? I think this dream took place in bed because your dreaming mind feels this is an issue that needs to be put to rest.

Kristi Replies: Actually, yes. My daughter has recently moved in with us because of some poor life choices she has made. My partner isn't very happy about it but instead of saying anything has been making her unhappiness known in other ways. She thinks I do too much for my daughter, has no empathy whatsoever towards her really and never has. This is always been an issue between us. I feel caught in the middle all the time.

Lauri Replies: Perhaps opening up a dialogue about this with your dream might help. Your dream is your very deep and honest expression of how you are feeling right now. It also shows that you really would like to put this to rest. Maybe she will lighten up when she realizes that her behavior is causing you to have bad dreams. Good luck!

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