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BroForce Sneak Peek!

by Lucy Black

When evil threatens the world... the world calls upon BROFORCE! Don't let the name fool you, this game is fun, addicting... it's BRO-brilliance!

We downloaded the Brototype. Check out how this baby plays!

Sorry about the audio, it improves a few minutes in, but you get the idea. Broforce is a co-operative patriotism simulation. You play as 80's and 90's action heroes waging war against terror in almost entirely destructible settings. It's a BLAST! While the Brototype shows the kind of combat being developed, it's missing the content, narrative and depth that the full release will include (plus all kinds of other things they won't giveaway details on yet... trophies? bonus levels? unlockables?)

I would love to play this at a bar on one of those old Contra set-ups. Four screens, four seats and hours and hours of beer and gaming! Someone should make that happen.

In the meantime, you need to play this game when it comes out. Actually, screw that, play the Brototype to get a real feel for how FUN this game really is.

It's now available for pre-order (and totally worth it, we pre-ordered right after a few minutes of play). Check it out and get yourself a copy HERE!

Can't wait to play the full game!!

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