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I'm In

by Dan Gunderson

That is the ad currently running on the four letter network. Who's in? Simple question about the new Football Bowl Subdivision's playoff format. The FBS has installed a four-team playoff system, with a committee of 13 putting the rankings together that will ultimately decide who plays in these playoffs.

Many people have said that it is nice but it is not enough teams. Others have said that it might ruin the importance of the regular season. Prior to the playoff system, team's usually could only lose once or have to go perfect just in order to get a shot at the title. Now, the importance of going undefeated is no longer as great. Although, I can't imagine it would hurt.

The "not enough teams" complaint is understandable, but the FBS is new at this. Let them ease into it.

It finally gives me a reason to watch other college football games in January instead of watching the only one that matter. It brings relevancy back to the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. No longer are they just games that teams not playing for the title are participating in.

If I have to hear another Big 10 fan tell me that winning the Rose Bowl means something when it isn't the national title, I'm going to puke.

This is what I grew up with. I grew up with the title game switching between the Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar Bowl. Then, it became something called the BCS National Championship. All a fallacy. All something made up because creating a playoff would have ruined the pageantry of the bowls games.

I guess the powers that be ruined the pageantry of the bowl games all on their own.

Now, they are back to having meaning.

The semi-final games will have six bowl games associated with them, with pairs rotating every year. This season, it will be the Rose and the Sugar. Next season, the Cotton and the Orange. The following year, the Fiesta and the Peach.

As a guy who wrote a college term paper on why the FBS needed a playoff system and how it would work, this is as about as perfect as it could be. To start.

Eventually, they will have to add more teams. For now, I am happy with the way the system is. So, yes, I am all in. I am all about the 2014-15 College Football season. I can't wait for this thing to kick off.

And, as always, CFB > NFL.