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Wild Thing, Indeed

by Nick Vitrano

So I guess Mitch Williams is still Wild Thing in his adult life...well, depending on who you believe. Mitchy-Mitch was tossed over the weekend from his kid's little league game...10U little league game. I guess you can't call an ump a "M-F'er" anymore? Hmm. Who knew?

It's not the first time Williams has been tossed from a youth contest - he was launched from his daughter's basketball game in the not so distant past. So, back to today - Williams says the ump threatened him first. The other spectators say: "Yeah, not so much."

HERE ' s the story

Based on the fact that Williams was initially banned from the tournament, but that ban was lifted (would love to know why), I'm inclined to believe the story of the spectators. He was a donkey when he played - it's tough for me to believe he'd be anything other than a donkey as a retiree. Some people are just donkeys.

The real story here is not that Mitch Williams is a donkey, however. It's the bigger picture reality that donkeys like Mitch Williams drive good coaches from the sidelines. Not only is coaching no longer worth it to some, others venture not into those waters in the first place out of sheer exhaustion at the thought of having to deal with people like Mitch Williams.

We often ask How is that guy a coach? The answer might be as simple as another question: "Who else is going to do it?"

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