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Well done, America

by Nick Vitrano

Just when you think this country is going down the toilet, the people rise up…and totally redeem themselves!

I’m a decent (I wouldn’t say big) fan of the ESPY Awards.  It usually proves a decent evening of entertainment on an otherwise eventless night, and this year was no exception.  Wednesday’s ESPY Awards had all the usual, coupled with what seemed a more-than-traditional dose of heartwarming moments.  There have been some great snapshots over the years – pretty much any Justin Timberlake or Peyton Manning offering, Samuel L. Jackson playing football, Will Ferrell accepting on behalf of Tiger Woods, of course Jimmy V, Dewey Bozella made me cry, and Norm Macdonald crushing everyone was maybe the best “moment” of all-time – but this might be my favorite ESPY show of all-time. 

I was a little nervous when the “Best Moment” award came up, though.

There were Andy Murray, Alex Morgan, Chuck Pagano, and young Jake Hoffman up for the award, and all I could think was, “Please…PLEASE give it to the kid.”  Not to minimize the moments that were the others, it simply had to be Jake.  But when the public votes, you just never know – just reference any All-Star game roster for evidence of that.  When the keys are handed over to us, we have an alarming propensity for crashing the car.

Thank you, America, for doing the right thing.

Here's the play...the "moment:"

And here's the back story: