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Send In the Clowns

by Nick Vitrano

Somebody explain this to me.  Jonathan Martin is to blame?  Richie Incognito is the victim?  I am absolutely floored – perhaps more staggered than I have ever been in the arena of sports – to read and hear the responses of players, analysts, and fans to the Incognito/Martin disaster unfolding in Miami.

Martin walked out on his team. 

Martin should have stood up for himself instead of crying to the boss.  

Martin needs to be a man and act like a man.

Team matters stay with the team.  You don’t take this stuff public.

Incognito was wrong, but Martin is at least in part to blame…

Blah, blah, blah…nonsense, nonsense, nonsense…blah, blah, blah.

I’m a pretty black and white guy.  I don’t buy the whole gray area relativity of our world.  I’m not overlooking that there may be more to this story about which I am curious – contextual analysis, motives, etc. – but use of certain language is simply wrong.  Threatening a man’s life is simply wrong.  I don’t care what the context.  I don’t care what the perception of deservedness.  Wrong is wrong.

But apparently some feel as though this situation requires some deeper consideration – many of the same who called for a lifetime banishment of Riley Cooper for his filthy lexicon.  Yeah, remember Riley Cooper?  Remember the react?  Remember the repulsion?  Remember the bewilderment over how something like this could still happen in 2013?  Remember the call for greater awareness, the call to action to change the culture of not only sports but of our society?  Did I mention it’s 2013?!

Apparently these clowns do not remember.  Although I will say this much for one of the clowns, Antrel Rolle of the NY Giants – he didn’t seem bothered by Riley Cooper either.  At least he’s consistent.

Tease Image: Rick Dikemanat theEnglish language Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons