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Sail On, Head Coaches...Sail On

by Nick Vitrano

It’s the great siren song of the National Football League – the 2-point conversion.  It hangs out there like an ineptitude cure-all, an elixir for all that has ailed your team’s effort on any given day.  It’s got about a 50% success rate, yet we unflinchingly bank it when our team trails and the math works out just so.

“All we have to do is score, get the 2-pointer, make a stop, and then we’re just a score and a 2-point conversion away from tying this baby!”

Such was the logic for the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon.  And like so many before, they Pack was lured to the rocky shores by the sweet melody of the femme fatale.  The blunder proved just short of fatal, as they managed to not lose the game, emerging with a 26-26 tie.  But the failed attempt at 2, the “free” point left behind, proved the difference between winning and…well…not winning.

I have always regarded the 2-point conversion as the final gasp, never to be used until the fates lines the sideline, prepared to snip the cord on the day’s contest.  The P.A.T. is as automatic a play that exists in sports.  It’s a free point, the bonus granted for converting a TD and not settling for a pair of field goals.  Sure it’s not as sexy as the 2-point conversion, but it’s reliable and it’s already (all but) in the bank once you cross the goal line.  Just take it.  Here it is…no strings attached. 

As with life, the grass ain’t always greener…  Have your men shove wax in their ears, bind yourself to the mast of the ship, and sail on.  Kick the ball and take the point, unless you’ve got no other option.