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A Wrestling Fan’s Sportscast Dream Come True

by Nick Vitrano

As a rule, I shy away from posting videos that are more than a couple minutes in length.  It’s not that they aren’t worth the time, it’s just a general “ugh” feeling that comes over me as a user when I see others post videos of similar length.  You know what I mean?  If it’s 35 seconds I’ll click all day.  But 5:58?  Forget it!

So, I know I’m asking a lot here to stick through nearly 6 minutes of highlights about which you couldn’t care less, but trust me, if you have a modicum of classic wrestling familiarity, it’s worth your time.

Welcome to Wrestlecast, a fantastic montage written and delivered by Adam Lefkoe of WHAS .  Why Wrestlecast?  Aside from “why not?” Lefkoe offers up an admirable explanation HERE .

And now, ladies and gentlemen…Wrestlecast 2013: