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Mike Tyson Just Hitting Two Bullseyes While Blindfolded

by Jon Henseler

It takes a lot for Katie Nolan to take a back seat in anything that involves a visual element, but her and her mini skirt just got cuckholded by Mike Tyson tossing daggers while blindfolded. Some Book of Eli stuff right here kids. Just further proof that Mike Tyson is 1,000% still appointment viewing anytime he is on the picture box. Whether he's singing Phil Collins, biting a man's ear off or tossing bullseyes with his eyes closed you just never know what's going to happen when he gets in front of an audience. He could be in a boxing match tomorrow with no training and I would plunk down $75 just to see what would happen. 

PS: If I find out this is fake I might be done with the internet.

Double PS: Not sure if everyone saw this video but a few weeks ago video surfaced of Mike Tyson actually playing one of the top 10 sports video games of all time; Mike Tyson Punch Out. Awesome video in some ways because he's playing his own game that defined a video game generation. Terrible video in some ways because I'm pretty sure he got knocked out by Glass Joe. Devastating news to a 6 year old Jon. It'd be like finding out wrestling is fake or hoverboards will never exist.