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Adam Lefkoe Follows Up 'Wrestlecast' With 'Seinfeldcast'

by Jon Henseler

This guy.............this guy. I'm sure we all remember our man Adam Lefkoe from last week's 'Wrestlecast'  when he worked in 31 old school wrestling references in a single sportscast. Well he is back babbbbby! And he's taking his sportscast to the next level with 41 Seinfeld references in 'Seinfeldcast.' When we blogged about Wrestlecast I openly wondered where he would go from there, could he follow it up blah blah blah. Well to say my concerns were unfounded would be an understatement. Not only did he follow it up but I would say he flat out topped it. Not to mention I feel like this dude is a bizarro world Jon Henseler (wouldn't it be bad bye?). It's pretty clear we share the same passions in life like 80's wrestling and 20 year old sitcoms. Except instead of being a degenerate blogger who may or may not have just picked a sunflower seed out of his beard, Adam Lefkoe is sporting a boss suit, a clean shave and a clear path to ESPN. Other than that though we're like the same person. Hey Adam, if you were a chick, who's the one guy you would sleep with? JOHN STAMOS!

In all honesty if this guy follows this up with Anchormancast or Magnum PI cast I'm going to be stalking him like Crazy Joe Davola. 

PS: Love that he just cut Kent Spencer's segment out this time instead of wasting two minutes with no wrestling/Seinfeld references. You had your chance Kent! Get ready to be singing Afternoon Delight at 3pm in a Louisville bar when you're unemployed in 2 years while watching Adam Lefkoe host Sportscenter.

Double PS: Hey Chelsea can you get off Adam's jock for a second? No one likes desperation. Actually you may as well get on the train now before Lefkoe is knocking boots with Sage Steele.

Triple PS: My only gripe is that he works at 'Channel 11' and didn't work in a channel 11 reference while eating a Snickers bar with a knife and fork.