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Hottest fashion trends for the summer

by Nikki Montgomery

The hottest fashion trends for the summer are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum! 

Big bold stripes are huge this summer. The stripes can go in any direction and can be worn on top or on the bottom or if you're really daring both!

Bold patterns are also hot this year for a loud statement. Wear big patterns on top or on the bottom (leggings or skinny jeans). And oriental geisha style is big too, but I don't see that catching on in Central WI anytime soon.

Now on the totally opposite side of things if these bold statements aren't in your wheelhouse perhaps monochrome is. White on white and nude dresses with nude shoes will work this summer too on any fashionista. You won't catch me in white on white since white is not known as an especially slimming color and I'll be 6-7 months pregnant this summer, but I'm sure many more of you are open to that idea than sporting your geisha gear. 

I certainly can see the minimalist monochrome being a good wear to work style for many of us. 

Stripes can be a safe choice too if done correctly. 

Have fun with this summer's fashion and if you have any fashion tips you'd like to share or comment on please feel free to do so in the comment section below.