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The most important decision parents make

by Nikki Montgomery

The most important decision that you will have to make as a parent is choosing a baby name. This is the name your child has to live with for the rest of their lives and they can't hide it from the world. Giving them an embarrassing name or one that is easily manipulated into something mean or dirty by other kids is a major black mark for a parent in the eyes of a child.

Checking out baby name books or going through your family tree might give you some inspiration. Where you get into trouble is when you start making up names. Like the mom that named her daughter LaTrine because she thought it sounded pretty. That's right she named her daughter toilet because she didn't know any better and that poor girl has to live with that.

So many parents make up names because they don't want to give their child a super common name. When Josh and I made our baby name lists we first chose names that we each liked, narrowed the list down by names we both liked then compared it to the list of the most popular names from the year before and if they were in the top 10 we eliminated them. Mia was at 50 when we decided that would be our daughter's name and the next year it was in the top 10. It's a crap-shoot, but at least she doesn't have to explain to someone why her mom & dad named her after some exotic fruit or something.

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