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The big move from crib to big girl bed

by Nikki Montgomery

Mia made the big move from the crib to a big girl bed last night. We got her Tangled bedding because that's her favorite movie thinking that would make the transition a little more fun. Well I think we were right! She watched us put her new bed together last night and she just wanted to jump all over it. Once it was all made up she was super excited. 

She didn't want to settle down to go to sleep she just kept running from one end of the bed to the other. She kept getting out of bed and running around her room then jumping back up on the bed. She thought it was pretty great!

Mia was having so fun that she didn't actually lay down until after 9 last night. I had to call in daddy to take over because he's so much better at calming her down than I am. 

The good news is she never fussed and never seemed upset that we took her crib away. She was still sleeping on her bed when I went in to check on her this morning too. She had every one of her baby blankets on her bed around her and a bunch of stuffed animals so I could barely see her, but she was there sleeping soundly.

She likes to close her door all the way at bedtime so we don't have to worry about her getting out of bed and sleeping in the hallway or coming into our room because she can shut the door, but can't turn the knob to open it yet. 

So overall the transition wasn't too bad. At least not night 1. We'll see how tonight goes. I got her a Rapunzel nightgown so maybe we'll put that on her tonight too so she matches her bed.