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Meeting with the Doctor after finding out we're having twins

by Nikki Montgomery

We met with the doctor yesterday to go over our ultrasound results. As you can imagine we had lots and lots of questions so we had quite a lengthy discussion so I won't go over all of that now. 

Here are the highlights: Full term for twins is 37 weeks instead of 40. The average set of twins arrives at 36 weeks. The goal is always to keep the babies in there as long as possible so the goal is 38 weeks. Twins that arrive at 33 weeks or before will have to go to Marshfield which is our emergency hospital in the area. At 34 weeks or later they can be taken care of at Ministry Saint Michaels in Stevens Point where we intend to have them. Traditionally a mother of twins is put on bed rest at 28 weeks. That's only 7 weeks from now!! I told the Doc yesterday that won't work for me. I argued that I don't have a high stress job, I don't do physical labor. After looking at my ultrasound he said there's nothing in my ultrasound that would make him insist on it at this point. They will be keeping a close eye on the babies. I will have another ultrasound in 2 weeks and then every 4 weeks after that. If at any point they feel like there is too much stress on me or the babies they will put me on bed rest so I will just have to take it very easy so that doesn't happen. 

There are many restrictions for women who are pregnant with twins a few are limited exercise, no standing for more than 30 minutes, no riding or driving in a car for more than an hour, limited lifting, limited house cleaning, limited exposure to heat, etc. It's going to be long summer. If I don't want to go on bed rest I'm going to have to be vigilant about these things. Luckily I have awesome coworkers that will help me out.