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29th week of Pregnancy

by Nikki Montgomery

Week 29 is a busy week for baby or in my case babies. The babies are growing rapidly now weighing in over 2 pounds now (about the size of a butternut squash) and about 15 inches from head to heel. We will see exactly where our babies are on the size chart next week. Babies' lungs and muscles are maturing this week making it more likely that if they were to come today they'd survive. Babies' heads are getting bigger to make room for their growing brains. Even though their skeletons will remain soft even after birth, because they need to be pliable to make it through the birth canal, they are starting to harden up so they need lots of calcium. Dietary needs for me have changed because of all this growth I need to up my calorie intake to about 450 calories per baby over my own needs so I should aim for roughly 2700 calories per day.

That of course doesn't mean more cupcakes and candy bars. That means I need to find more high calorie healthy foods to eat and I need to eat more often. I am going to pick up some protein shakes because those are so much easier for me to consume at work than an actual snack. It's hard for me to munch on a bowl of olives and avacado when I'm pretty much constantly typing and hitting buttons. At least I can take a shake with me to meetings.

With the babies growing faster now you know I'll be growing faster now too. My belly is already bigger than it was when I was full term with Mia so over the next 7 to 9 weeks I will be a hurting unit. Back pain from carrying around the extra weight all in one place...luckily Dr. Keegan my OB doctor at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point, gave me some suggestions for stretches for my back that should help and he also told me that a belly band would be a good investment at about $40 it will relieve a lot of that lower back and pelvic pain because it will help hold my belly up and distribute the weight a little more.

Did you use a belly band? 

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