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A Lesson In Teaching Respect For Others - Pop Music Style

by Mark Evans

I spent four years as the radio voice of Northern Michigan University.  In the Wildcats locker room was a logo that NO ONE ever touched or walked on.  I have explained this to my children the out of respect - you just don't do it.  

Then there's Justin Bieber's parents.  For once....I blame the parents.  They are Canadian after all.  Here's what happened.

If Justin Bieber was looking for a way to anger Blackhawks fans, this is a sure-fire way to do so.

In Chicago for a concert at the United Center on Tuesday night, the teenage pop star had an opportunity to take a picture with the Stanley Cup.

In the photo above, you can see Bieber touching the Stanley Cup inside the Blackhawks locker room in front of a No. 6 “Bieber” Blackhawks jersey.

Fine.  Although non-players really shouldn't be touching Lord Stanley in any way shape or form.

But Bieber’s true slip up is captured in the photo below. There you see him standing in front of the Stanley Cup, snapping a picture with his camera phone… standing directly on the Blackhawks’ Indian head.

For those unfamiliar, no one – not even a member of the team – is allowed to step on the Indian head out of respect for the logo. Any media member who even comes close to stepping on the logo is aggressively chastised by Blackhawks players and personnel.

Apparently those rules don’t apply to the Biebs.