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This Annoys Me.

by Katie Schurk

I know I am a negative nancy, and I will get a ton of backlash, but this video annoys me.

You know what else is a job? Life. Life is hard. Life is 24/7. Life is a job.

Moms are awesome. Being a Mom is awesome. It's not a "job." It's a choice. It is a privilege. I choose to put my child first. I choose to make sacrifices for my child. My child did not ask me to do this. I do not want my child to ever think he is "a chore."

The other part that kills me- they don't mention "the pay." The rewards...the love, the hugs, the kisses, etc.

Or another thing they fail to mention- Dad. I am pretty sure the President of this "company" has a V.P. Moms don't go it alone. If there isn't a Dad, I guarantee there is some sort of support system in place. I find this video sweet, but also incredibly self righteous and pretentious.