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What did he do?

by Nick Vitrano

Sesame Street” is introducing a new muppet into the fold.  Meet Alex, the first muppet to have a parent in jail.  Yeah.  Seriously. 

The place where “the air is sweet” has tackled a lot of heavy issues over the years.  I remember worldwide hunger being a huge one when I was a kid.  Homelessness was a biggy, too.  With a young daughter getting of “Sesame Street” age, I’ll be watching a lot soon.  I’m just wondering…what did Alex’s pop do?  Like, are we talking some white collar cybercrime or muppet insider trading stuff, or is this a 1st degree intentional type of crime?  Like, is Snuffaluffagus again imaginary?  Some day my kid is going to ask, and I want to be prepared!