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Well…That’ll Learn ‘Em!

by Nick Vitrano

There are 9 innings to play, 27 outs to secure in every Major League Baseball game.  Every one counts.  Every one must be recorded.  There are no kneel downs.  There is no stalling.  No lead is safe.  It’s that which fundamentally distinguishes baseball from every other athletic endeavor.  And it’s that which (once again) bit the Detroit Tigers in the rear on Sunday night in Boston.  They will attempt to make amends in Game 3 of the ALCS on Tuesday night when they return home.

However, at this point in Sunday night’s contest, the top of the 6th, Boston faithful weren’t feeling too jolly.  As I said in a previous post – people lose all sense when a baseball comes into (or anywhere near) the stands.  

Nice move Boston guy.  First of all, not all fans think chucking an opposing home run back onto the field is the home team’s “ought to.”  Sure it was their guy, but it’s still cool to catch a ball, and that ball carries with it a story – in this case, a great postseason story of “never say die.”  That chick might have liked to keep it.  Considering how tightly she was clinging to it, it sure appeared that was the case.

Secondly, there are few fan gestures so empty as the ball toss-back.  As I said, you no longer have the souvenir.  So there’s that.  Then there’s the whole throwing stuff onto the field is…well…not legal.  And finally, and most importantly, nothing is achieved.  Did you expect the ump to go out there and go, “Whoa!  Hold on a minute!  The ball came back in!  It’s a live ball – batter is out?!”  Sorry, the run(s) still count.  It's a little late to play the "not in my house" game.  Although I suppose that will make the opposition think twice before hitting a ball into your stands next time, right?  Dumb.