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The Worst Summer Vacation Ever

by Nick Vitrano

Summer is swiftly expiring.  For some in our area, GB Notre Dame, classes have already begun.  This past weekend, my wife and daughter and I ventured to Door County for a Sunday day trip and it was clear that folks are in their “last days” mode.  The place was packed, loaded with families getting in their final family vacations before the school bell sounds. 

When I was a kid, we didn’t take too many family trips.  The ones we did take were a mixed bag of fighting and good times…not unlike any other family’s trips…but I think we remember them as worse than they really were because we took so few.  Or maybe not.  I don’t recall anything positive from our trip to Mackinac Island

Perhaps things have changed since, I think it was 1988.  But when my family visited Mackinac Island it was, hands-down, the most overrated place on Earth.  Overpriced fudge.  Overpriced T-shirts.  Overpriced hotel landmarks.  Undercleaned streets.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Mackinac is Ojibwe for turtle.  That makes sense.  I once had a turtle for a pet.  It sucked too.