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“The Perfect Texture For Running”

by Nick Vitrano

I ran cross country in high school and have always enjoyed the sport – both for its fitness and its competitive benefits.  You hear running types speak of the “runner’s high.”  It’s hard to explain, but it definitely exists.  But there are some times when the risk simply is not worth the reward.  No matter how seasoned a runner, no matter how careful you believe yourself to be, the elements have a way of letting you know that you’re not in control.  It’s kind of like folks with 4-wheel drive vehicles.  Once you hit that patch of ice, it doesn’t matter how many wheels you’ve got at your disposal…you’re spinning out like the rest of us.

So yeah, back to this scenario.  “The perfect texture for running,” you say?  Hmm… You know the perfect texture for running?  Not snow...