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The NFL has never been to Lambeau

by Nick Vitrano

Let me start here – I don’t have a problem with the ever-increasing, ever-advancing security measures being employed by professional sports stadiums.  The whole terrorism thing aside, not to minimize that threat…in fact, I cannot believe more things have not happened at a stadium like Lambeau field…it has become clear over the years that we need protection from one another as much as anything.

The sun will rise in the east and set in the west.  The sky is blue.  The grass is green.  We will all die some day.  And people are stupid. 

Fandom is an emotionally charged experience that increasingly has spilled over into the physical.  Fights in the parking lot, fights in the stands – I’ll gladly get in line for an extra hour prior to game time to ensure that I can cheer for my team or my guy without concern for my safety.  We will never be able to fully curb the bonehead hell bent on throwing down.  But we sure as heck can attempt to limit his weapons to his two misguided fists. 

But seat cushions?  Seat cushions?  

I get that the point is to increase the speed at which folks get through the security lines.  Less stuff to inspect = more quickly moving lines.  But clearly the NFL has never been to Lambeau Field in December, or November, or late October, or early October…or ever.  It’s not a matter of desire.  We need those seat cushions, as much for the cushioning effect as for the preservation of our precious 18 inches of rear end room, not that it really stops anyone from encroaching.  I know, I know, we will still be able to purchase the seats once inside the stadium, but it’s just the principle of the thing.

Click HERE  for the list from the NFL Committee on Stadium Security.