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​“Self-Cleaning” Car? Yes Please!

by Nick Vitrano

I don't think washing the car is a detestable chore...it's kind of fun, actually. That is, it's kind of fun when the weather is nice and you've got the time. The truth is: rarely do the weather and my spare time match-up so brilliantly that I wash my car. It seems that the weather is increasingly less dependable, so when it does cooperate, I'd prefer to do something else. You've gotta golf or you've gotta play softball or you've gotta go to the zoo with the kids when you can, right? So while I like washing the car, it's pretty far down the list of "Things I Like To Do When The Weather And My Schedule Compliment Each Other." Couple that with the fact that winter lingers far too long (translation: salt attacks my car far too long), and I think I'd actually pay a decent amount for something like this: