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Not Impressed With Dr. J’s Effort

by Nick Vitrano

My family was late to the computer party.  We had a typewriter until the early summer of my junior year in high school.  I had a driver’s license before we had a home computer, which was a good thing because I sometimes had to use said license to drive to school to use my dad’s office computer to type up papers.  My aunt and uncle were the polar opposite – super early to the computer movement.  Consequently, my brother and I were always excited to go their house…not to use the computer for anything worthwhile, but to play computer games, specifically “One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird.”

It was a great early-age computer game in which the player would assume the role of either Dr. J or Larry Bird and go, as the name implies, one on one with the other.  I preferred Dr. J for the dunking ability, but Bird could hit from anywhere on the floor.  We played that game for hours.   

Apparently, Dr. J hasn’t stopped dunking, even in his 60s.  Here’s a video posted on the NBA’s YouTube page of the 63-year-old throwing it down…sort of:

Look, I can’t dunk.  Back in high school I could dunk keys, but that’s it, and that was high school.  I sure as heck can’t do that now, so it’s impressive to me that any dude can: A-dunk, B-dunk at the age of 63.  But I don’t know, this video leaves me with much to be desired. 

First of all, Julius Erving is 6’7”.  He can basically reach up, flat footed, and be well on his way.  And then the video…he barely clears the rim with the ball.  In fact, the ball hits the front end!  He was almost stuffed by the rim!  Again, that’s a pretty solid 63-year-old dunk.  But, c’mon NBA, that’s Dr.-Freaking-J!  Give him another take for crying out loud…or at the very least don’t slow down the tape so we can see all the “details.”  Oh, and P.S. – maybe a less adult film sounding soundtrack would help, too.  Was this dunk a Jackie Treehorn production?