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Nick’s Tip: Waterproofing Winter Gear

by Nick Vitrano

We’re entering the cold season which means snow is right around the corner.  Heck, some of us have already experienced the white stuff.  It’s going to be sticking soon and we’ll soon be stuck with damp winter boots and shoes and gloves.  They never seem to dry out fully until spring do they?  I’ve got some tips for helping in that department, which we’ll visit later in the season, but today I’m interested in trying to head off the dampness at the pass, dissuade it from setting in in the first place. 

The hinge on that basement door squeaks…you grab the WD-40.  That nut is rusted onto the bolt…you grab the WD-40.  The sticker you just peeled off left behind a little goo…you grab the WD-40.  Waterproofing your favorite boots, shoes, gloves…yep…you grab the WD-40.

Quick trivia: what does the WD in WD-40 stand for?  “Water Displacement.”  Yeah, WD-40 was originally designed to repel water.  Just lightly spray your boots, your shoes, your gloves with a coating and let it dry.  Like a freshly waxed automobile, that water will bead up and roll off, and snow and salt won’t stick, keeping your investment in tact.  If salt has already stained your precious fabrics, just lightly spray a rag with WD-40 and buff.  You should be good-to-go.

Oh, and if you’ve got structures that you’d like to keep free of snow pile-up, there’s your WD-40 again.  Spray the satellite dish or the windowsills or whatever…your gnomes…and that wet snow will slide right off.