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Nick’s Tip: Use That Cloudy Water

by Nick Vitrano

You’ve just boiled up some eggs or broccoli or lasagna noodles for tonight’s dinner or midday snack.  Mmm.  But how do you separate the goodies form the water?  Do you bust out the strainer and pour away?  That’s what most of us do.

NOOOOO!  Don’t!  That water contains valuable, life supporting nutrients that have leached into the liquid. 

Today’s tip: Use your cloudy cooking water to hydrate your plants, then sit back and enjoy the benefits. 

A couple of tips for the tip:

  • Make sure the water has cooled down before dumping it into the old pot.
  • If you are a heavy water salter, target it for the drain.  You'll kill 'your plants.
  • Cooking water, especially vegetable water, can be pretty nasty smelling.  Water indoor plants with caution.  The same holds true of you use olive oil or cooking oil in the water – that stuff get's funky as it breaks down.