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Nick’s Tip: This Stuff is Bananas

by Nick Vitrano

So you just took down a banana.  Now what?  Hey…mind outta the gutter, please.  This is serious business.  So, like I said, you just took down a banana.  If you’re not a composter, you just target that peel for the trash, right?  Don’t!  That peel is a valuable piece of fruit wrapping.

Today’s tip: Using that banana peel.

Some of these tips are only applicable if you happen to find yourself in a predicament, but there’s one great one…stay for the end…that is universally applicable.

#1 – Splinter removal.  The enzymes in the banana peel actually aid in removal and healing the “wound.”  Just tape a piece of peel (inside down) over the splinter.

#2 – Wart removal.  Similar to the splinter, tape a piece of peel over the wart, fully covering, and repeat until the wart disappears.

#3 – Soothe burns/scratches/insect bites and stings.  Again, tape the peel to the area, you should get some relief.

All, right, so like I was saying, unless you’re suffering from one of the aforementioned, that peel you’re hanging onto isn’t going to be of much use.  After all, you can’t store that peel forever.  So here’s the universally applicable one:

#4 – Leather polish.  Yeah, rubbing the inside of that banana peel on your hard leather surfaces, like dress shoes and purses and gloves (then buffing with a dry cloth), gives them a nice shine.  If you’re worried that it will stain or darken your leather, test a small area first.  It shouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t want any “Pick Your Purse” winners calling me because I ruined their designer purse!

It’s all about the potassium – a key ingredient in commercial shoe polish, and one of the banana’s greatest qualities.