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​Nick’s Tip: The Must-Have In Your Beach Bag

by Nick Vitrano

Welcome to summer - the days of sun and sand. There's nothing like kicking back with a beach chair, a good book, and some SPF 50. And snacks. You've gotta have beach snacks. But after burying your hands and feet in the sand, grabbing a tasty treat or slipping your tootsies into your beach sandals can be easier said than done. It's almost impossible to get all those grains off of your skin. We've all done the one-footed dance when attempting to rinse off our feet. Okay, here comes the water...rinse it off...hop, hop...slip it in the shoe...hop...wait, here comes the water again...hop, hop...no, shoot...hop...

Don't do the dance. Grab the baby powder.

Baby powder is a must-have in the beach bag. Heck, it's a must-have in any summer bag. A little dusting in your sneakers, in your shorts - yep, those shorts - goes a long way to controlling moisture and odor, keeping you more comfy and friction free. And its the best way...THE BEST...to remove stuck on sand.

It's real simple - put some baby powder in your hands and rub on the sand coated area. The sand falls right off. That's it. Every grain...every time. Boom. Use it at the beach and the sandbox or anywhere great sand is available. And then grab a travel bottle of baby powder for the golf bag, the baseball bag, the gym bag, or just the glove compartment for any occasion.