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​Nick’s Tip: Stop The Bleeding

by Nick Vitrano

It's an instantly identifiable feeling. You're all lathered up, you start the stroke, and "ooo"... razor nick. It can sometimes take a moment to reveal itself, but not long after the sensation comes the slow presentation, the gradual crimson trickle cutting through the snow white peaks of shaving cream like a lazy river of scarlet winding through the mountain side. You can rinse, you can apply pressure, you can tear off small pieces of toilet paper and place them over the wound, but two things are certain:

#1 - You swear you've never seen more blood.

#2 - That cut is guaranteed to reopen, likely multiple times for the duration of the day.

Aside from the inconvenience of it all, there's a potential financial impact - that's a nice dress shirt you have on today...a brand new pair of pants...white leggings - and blood isn't exactly easily removed from fabric.

You'd do anything, pay anything to end the onslaught. That's where I come in. Well, not me exactly - I'm merely the messenger, but I am happy to help with this tip.

How much would you pay to seal up that razor nick for good? To "cauterize" that paper cut? To halt the scarlet consequence of your child's skinned knee? $500? Well, you won't pay $500; not $400; not $300. You won't pay $200 or $150 or even $100 like you may be thinking. Not $75; not $50; not even $25. For just one easy payment of approximately $1.99, I can almost instantly stop the bleed and seal it off for good.

Today's tip: The Styptic Pencil.


As seen here, the styptic pencil is a white, chalky stick of magic that, when applied to simple cuts and scrapes, will end the bleeding and prevent reopening. The process is simple - wet the tip of the pencil, then rub gently over the cut. There may be a slight burn, but that only tells ya it's working!

That's it. It truly is that simple, and the pencil in the photo is one that I purchased over three years ago. Unless you're Edward Scissorhands, or your children are particularly accident prone, or paper has a personal vendetta against your digits, a single styptic pencil should last a virtual lifetime. Get one for the bathroom, for the first-aid kit, and for the glove box (it can come in handy), and you're in business.