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Nick’s Tip: Keep That Subscription

by Nick Vitrano

My first job as a kid was a Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper carrier.  That was a long time ago – when there still existed 2 versions of the Milwaukee paper in circulation – the Sentinel in the morning and the Journal in the afternoon.  It was a great job.  Not only was it good money for a middle school and high school kid, it taught countless lessons of responsibility and time and money management.One of the fantastic side benefits of the job was a lot of paper.  Not only the daily circulation, but often there were extra inserts or even extra papers that came in the bundle each morning.  Newspaper is incredibly useful.

#1 – Newspaper is crazy absorbent (both moisture and odor) so go crazy with these:

  • Line your animal’s cage with newspaper.
  • Spread newspaper across a shelf in your fridge.
  • Wipe up spills like paper towel.
  • Wet shoes and boots and gloves and whatever?  Shove newspaper inside.
  • Newspaper is a great table cloth (especially if you’re eating a seafood boil or particularly juicy fruit).  
  • Spray on the Windex and wipe down your windows and mirrors with a piece of newspaper.  It sounds weird, the ink and all, but try it.  It works.
  • Ball up some newspaper and close it up inside of smelly Tupperware.  You should be odor free the next day.

#2 – I don’t why I’m numbering it like this, but:

  • Newspaper is great compost.
  • It’s awesome for germinating seeds.  Just put the seed between two pieces of wet newspaper.
  • And of course, newspaper makes a great wrap for your breakables if you’re storing or moving.

Most folks have gone away from the home paper delivery, but perhaps you might want to fire up that subscription…or at least a weekend kind of a deal.  Your boots, windows, and vegetables will thank you.   

Tease Image: By Source works and User:Tkgd2007 [LGPL (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons