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Nick’s Tip: Incense

by Nick Vitrano

Dreadlocks, lava lamp, flannel shirt, black light, acoustic guitar, incense – all signs of a dorm room stoner…or an individual intent on making his home as energy efficient as possible.  Okay, the dreadlocks and lava lamp and black light and acoustic guitar aside, those have nothing to do with this, that’s just stoner stuff, but the flannel shirt and incense – now we’re getting’ somewhere!

The flannel shirt – a necessary winter wardrobe addition for he who occupies a drafty home. 

You can put in new windows, new doors, additional insulation, you name it, but that chilly air will still find a way to infiltrate your living quarters through the smallest crack.  You’ve walked around your home, run your fingers over every joint and inspected every seal and it all looks good.  But darn-it-all.  There it is – that cool waft like an annoying kid blowing in your ear.

Here’s where the incense comes in.

Borrow a stick from that dorm room stoner or just buy one…they’re not hard to find…and get to burnin’.  Making sure drapes and the like are out of harm’s way, run a lit incense stick around windows and doors, hold in front of outlets, trace your HVAC vent joints – anywhere you’ve got the potential for air exchange – and watch for the flicker.  If you’ve got movement, then you’ve got a problem spot and you’re on your way to a more comfortable indoor existence.  As an added bonus, your house will smell like church on Easter Sunday. 

Tease Image: Author - Przykuta via Wikimedia Commons