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Goo goo goo joob

by Nick Vitrano

Today is National Egg Day.  What a great day.  The incredible, edible egg, the foundation of the baking world to say the least.  But who was the first egg man?  You know, the first individual to witness a solid, white, ovular excretion of a chicken’s rear and think, “Hey, I should eat that?” 

We celebrate pioneers of every discipline, but for some reason the culinary world is always overlooked.  Like, who was the first to deep fry something?  Who was the first to put something on a stick?  Who made the first pizza?  Who was the first to dip a McDonald’s fry into a chocolate shake? 

Who is the egg man? 

I couldn’t care less which came first.  I want to know who first ate it!  Washington, Franklin, Edison, Einstein…I am proposing that level of greatness, that degree of social influence, yet his name has been omitted from the history books.  I do not find his face on a stamp or a piece of U.S. currency.  I want the egg man!  And I don’t mean John Lennon.