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Give That Officer A Red Card

by Nick Vitrano

This video from KXAN, Austin explains and shows it all. This is kind of thing that really sucks for law enforcement. Our men and women in uniform work so hard to protect and to serve and to prove to the public, in the process, that they exist for good and aren't out just to getcha because they can.

And then one of their own goes this route:

Now let me say this...I am very pro-law enforcement, and especially when it comes to the camera phone video. I generally step back from the social media mob mentality and extend the benefit of the doubt to the officer, for too often the video shows an abbreviated version of a developed/developing situation.

It is more than likely that an announcement preceded the field storming to the tune of:

"Upon the completion of today's championship game, please remain in your seats and do not enter the field of play. Thank you."

Regardless, the response by this officer is deplorable.