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by Nick Vitrano

The Prince Fielder to the Rangers for Ian Kinsler deal caught just about everybody by surprise.  I’m kind of a dork for the rumor mill and there certainly were no loud whispers of that going down on Wednesday.  Man, Detroit must have hated that dude.  I mean, Kinsler’s an OK player, but Prince, despite his post-season struggles, is a more consistent bat for 162 games with more pop over 162 games and is still a “game changer,” a guy who makes an opposing pitcher crap his pants when he walks into the box representing the winning run.  And Fielder?  Well, he waived the no-trade clause, so either he viewed staying as a gesture of d-baggery, or he was equally miserable in Detroit.

So yeah, the trade caught me and many by complete surprise.  But perhaps the joke is on us, for a Prince Fielder/Ian Kinsler equation, at least in some form, appears to have been in the works since 2010: