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Bring your seat cushions, Packers fans!

by Nick Vitrano

Remember last week when the NFL unveiled its new stadium security measures that included the banishment of seat cushions?   Today, some clarification.  I don’t know if public outcry impacted this seeming back-step, or if this is truly a case of communication poorly executed, but in the end…our butt rests are good-to-go come August!

On Friday, Packers officials clarified the new rules for seat cushions and bags.

Seat pads and the traditional bleacher seating with backs will continue to be allowed.  Seat cushions that have pockets or concealable areas will not be permitted.  The seat pads and seat back have to be of solid construction.

Bags?  Basically the bag has to be transparent and no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. 

· Women’s small clutch purses are cool, but cannot be any larger than a hand. 

· Backpacks, fanny packs and larger bags are out.

· Loose blankets, binoculars, and cameras are allowed.  Custom bags for those items will not be. 

And folks with medical needs need not be concerned.  There will be a special entry gate next to the ticket window for fans whose medical needs require larger carry-ins. All fans with medical devices in larger bags will need to enter there.