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Another Michael Bolton Hit

by Nick Vitrano

I love this day, Michael Bolton's birthday, because it gives me an excuse to blast his tunes while hiding behind the veil of "It's his birthday...I mean, c'mon...give the guy a day."  The truth is, I'm a huge fan of this dude, even more of a fan now than I was growing up.

My mom was obsessed with Michael Bolton.  She may still be obsessed, I don't know, he hasn't come up in conversation lately.  A lot of moms can boast the same, I’m sure.  For a couple of years, for every occasion, I knew that I could get my mom a Michael Bolton album and she would love it, including his debut release under his given name, Michael Bolotin - that's totally true.

Having grown up in that environment, I came to appreciate Bolton, as well, especially some of his early stuff - a notably harder rock edge than the hits most recognize.  A little more like this, in fact - one of my favorite SNL Digital Shorts ever:

(Warning: the audio is clean, but if you can read lips, you might see something you don’t like):

Happy birthday, Michael Bolotin.  How can you not love this guy?