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VIDEO :: Insight into The Lions - Packers Wound Up, But Focused For This One

by Paul Heling

Around the station we all look to Mark Daniels for inside information on the team.  Pretty sure you should too.  For instance, practice went long Monday so Mark bolted out of the locker room and into his 5th Quarter Show with only a few minutes to spare.  Talk about fresh information though, and we heard it regarding the Lions match up here.

In these video segments from that 5th Quarter Show (9/30/13) the discussion turned to:

  • Lions haven't won in 22 years on Wisconsin soil (Green Bay or Milwaukee)
  • As far as the match up, not crazy about Matthew Stafford
  • Crazy about Megatron and Reggie Bush though
  • Can the Packers handle the Suh/Fairley combo?
  • Packers wound up, but focused for this one (fresh news from locker room)
  • Like it when Jim Schwartz gets amped up, it means mistakes
  • Why Megatron helps Reggie Bush
  • The sense we got better over the bye week
  • and of course a prediction

Plus, all that gets done cleanly in 3 minutes and 55 seconds in this video.  Shorter than an ESPN commercial break for sure.  Watch it here...