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X-Men facts you'll only know if you're a nerd

by Lunchbox

So...guilty. I'm a HUGE comic dork, and grew up on the X-Men (and X-Men 2099 to boost my nerd cred) so it's no surprise that I knew these facts about the series. But with X-Men Days of Future Past about to blow the roof off movie theaters nation-wide, I'm glad someone did the dirty work to bust out some X-Trivia...

There are some other fantastic tid-bits, like the fact that Wolverine is a father...in a few different ways. First, he has a biological son name Daken; the character was created by writer Daniel Way in the last few years. Daken hates his father, Wolverine, and the only goal he has in life is to kill him and destroy is legacy. Daken is one of the few bisexual comic book characters in the Marvel Universe. The most obscure fact about this, he's named after writer Daniel Way's favorite sushi chef.

Wolverine also has a daughter...kind of. Her name is X-23, and she's a clone of Wolverine. Without diving too much into the back-story of Logan (or James), after he gained his metal skeleton, scientists couldn't find a way to duplicate the process. So they figured the easiest way was to clone Wolverine. After 22 failed attempts, they created a female version, and it worked. So she's not REALLY his daughter, but it's a close as they will get (for now).

I could go ON AND ON about weird X-Men facts, but I will leave you with this...GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Even if you're not a comic book fan, the Days of Future Past story is one of the greatest every told in literature...not just comic books.