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Director Admits 3-D Was Horrible.....

by Matt Z

Louis Leterrier, director of Clash of the Titans, came clean to the Huffington Post and admitted that making Titans into a 3-D feature was an awful idea and it turned out even worse.  

I love that he admits that it was just a cash grab and audiences were getting ripped off.  The movie made a ton of money but the 3-D was horrible.  I am not a fan of 3-D but I fell for the trap that was laid out in front of me.  Half of the time the characters heads looked like they were hovering above their bodies.  The movie looked awful.

Movie studios go with 3-D so often, in my opinion, just to hike up prices and make more money.  It is often times just a poorly executed gimmick.  The product ultimately suffers and hurts the overall movie going experience.  Leterrier and other directors, J.J. Abrams for example, are powerless when trying to convince studios that 3-D is not the way to go but at least they are making their opinions known to anyone that cares to listen.