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VIDEO :: Neenah Man Eyes Rio Olympics :: The Maino Project on NBC26

by Paul Heling

As seen on The Maino Project on NBC26 with John Maino.  Can this former Neenah Rockets running back do it?


NEENAH, Wis. -- You might say Charles McDonald is a big fan of that ultimate get together of the worlds greatest athletes. "I watch the Olympics over and over and over again." McDonald explains.

With that in mind, the former Neenah Rocket running back is on a mission, to be on the 2016  U.S. Olympic Style Weight Lifting Team in Rio de Janeiro.

"I'd like to spread a message, you must be humble and whatever goal you have, chase it no matter what." McDonald says. " And I feel that the Olympics is more so a broader scale. That your voice is more heard that way."

Watch the full story in the video.