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The Maino Project :: The Rumored Ghosts at the Union Hotel in De Pere

by Paul Heling


DE PERE - The Union Hotel in De Pere has a stellar reputation for food and lodging, but there are some long lost relatives lurking in the shadows.

At least that's the rumor. Maino decided to pay a visit, and check it out for himself.

The Union Hotel has stood in the same spot in De Pere sinct 1883 in the present building. It's served everyone from Bob Hope when he would come to town to perform at the Old Carlton to every Packers head coach since Curly Lambeau.

But are some of the former owners more than just pictures on a wall?

Hotel owner/manager Mary Boyd says, "Antonia, yeah I think she likes to mess with the electrical systems here. She enjoys that a lot."

Mary is a true believer, but her brother McKim is somewhat of a skeptic.

"There's situations that come up that I generally come up with some sort of an explanation in my head, but the frequency with which some of them occur does make me scratch my head a little bit," he says.

Such as the one night in the basement. "I was in there working late at night and I happened to come out and that light that was on over here was out. And this is a motion light so I reach and that one was out. And I looked around the corner, those were all out and these were on different circuits, they weren't even on the same circuit. I was like, ahhh jeez, I'll go home," McKim says.

Or maybe it was Great Uncle Harry. "He supposedly stands at the top of the landing and overlooks everything. But follows everybody all over the place," Mary says.

Mary believes his presence may have shown up in some photos. "This is what we call ghost alley. And there's a really big ord, which I'm pretty sure is Harry. He hangs out down by his tool shop."

Some other mysteries, reports of a child's face appearing on a wall by different customers at different times, a motion activated paper towel machine going off when only one person is in the building, and an early morning weekend cook. 

"He swears he'll hear the doors opening and closing, he'll go back to check and see who's here. Obviously it's nobody. And then he'll hear the pots and pans clanging back and forth, nobody there. So finally after about an hour or so, he'll say to them, 'You need to stop.'"