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What a Hero Looks Like :: Marine Soon to Receive Medal of Honor

by John Maino

WHAT A HERO LOOKS LIKE!    Marine Kyle Carpenter will soon become the second Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor from fighting in Afganistan. Carpenter smothered a grenade with his own body to save his buddies during a firefight in November of 2010. Wellllllllll deserved!!!!!  

Kyle Carpenter was standing guard in 2010 in Afghanistan when he threw his body on top of a fellow Marine to protect him from a grenade.  He lost his right eye among the other scars of the blast.  The other Marine suffered brain damage.  Neither could remember much of the incident and there were no witnesses which led to some questioning of the event.

Other Marines have spoken up stating the injuries where consistent with the blast.  A wave of support  followed and it was recently announced he will soon be the second Marine awarded the Medal of Honor from fighting in Afghanistan.

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  • Sunglasses photo:  By English: Staff Sgt. Tracie Kessler [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons